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Our codex

Responsibility is our core. Treating every idea like our own as our client’s goals are our goals too. Have an idea? Feel free to share it.

Our atmosphere is supportive and friendly so that every proposal can be accepted, whether a CEO’s or a junior’s.

Professionalism cuts through the noise of promises. Expanding the power stack to make every concept possible and doing is a must.

Our philosophy

Expanding our clients’ powers by making blockchain a new normal. Implementing such innovative tool to create next-gen products and differentiate our clients from competitors. 

An easy and effective working approach helps us grow. Standing up for accessible communication, zero bureaucracy, and transparency in everything from words to docs.


years of work







CGS-team was started by:
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    A Microsoft-certified professional with 7+ years of experience in development.
    Oleksii developed everything you can imagine, including digital media and space company. In CGS-team he takes care of the overall management and web2 development.

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    Danyyl is backed with a skillset gained from 8 years of development, team leading, and working with projects like visual robot construction, mobile ordering app, etc. He’s web3 development and tech management master. 

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    Khrystyna has sharp expertise in finding opportunities to grow, curating the marketing and sales process.
    It’s not the first time you saw us, yeah? It’s thanks to our CMO.

If you were looking for wide tech long arrow a quality-firstquality-firstquality-first team focused on results,on results,on results, you've just made it. wide tech long arrow

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