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A database is a structure where your data is stored in a table form.
A server means a computer machine that saves your data in file
form like a computer hard drive. Schedule an insight-provoking
consultation with our experts to choose your techsolution.
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Our expertise covers



Our team works with server logic to make
it deliver services to your usersexpeditiously.


CGS-team’s expertise covers data services
and authentication to manage and administer
your info within thedatabase.

Which one to select?

It depends on your purpose. If your goal
is to save and store the data — the database
is your choice. If you want to provide services
to hosts and clients — choose theserver.
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Access control
Database administrators can manage the security
depending on the employees’tasks.
Effective data-keeping
A database gives you a great way to store, manage,
and retrieve data compared to physicalfiles.
Control access and having backups ensure your
files will besafe.


Fast performance
A server is hardware. It’s a computer with many
features providing effective and fastperformance.
Custom configuration
They can be made to serve any exact purpose or be
built to handle manyfunctions.

Let us help with service choice and its provision.

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