Cloud solutions

Only chosen tech for chosen startups. Cloud solutions keep all data in the cloud, making it available from any location and device, 24/7.

CGS-team provides:


Publishing to App Store // Play Market

We know how to follow Apple Store and Play Store guidelines to make your apps seen.

Hosting web and desktop apps

We believe good caring is about reduced costs, easy access, security, and backup recovery. We use AWS, Azure, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, and GoDaddy to provide all listed.

Сonfiguring deployment and CI&CD

Furthermore, deployment has never been

so qualitative as with CI&CD. CGS-team chose

Heroku tech to deploy upscale.

Why it’s worth it?

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Your docs, designs, and other work are always with you. Wherever you go, you can check whether your latest design in Adobe is sexy or not.

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Spend your time on important things, not on upgrade installation — the web’s favorite slogan.

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Data Security

Web-guy likes being active, so long installation makes them sad. Better check them on any browser on any device.


It is all about personalization, matching your needs with our prof skills, and shaping custom teams.
Certified Cloud Architect
Cloud Developer

Bonuses you’ll receive as a gift

  • 01


    Get a reliable team for the long run which takes care of the project for 6 months after the release for free.

  • 02

    Project management

    Project managers will ensure the processes flow smoothly and the results fit your needs perfectly at no charge.

  • 03


    Our quality-obsessed team utilizes Heroku to deploy your tech-covered ideas at no cost.

  • 04

    Your idea discovery

    To go deep into your concept estimations, project discoveries, wireframes, and specifications are done for free.

  • 05

    Code review

    Your code will surpass industry standards via rigorous and free code reviews.


Our team takes care of every step in implementing your idea, from discovery and analysis to development and testing.

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