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Cloud solutions let us keep all information on the cloud rather than on local systems. They are available from any location and any device, 24/7. With cloud solutions architect, the servers are managed globally.

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Why it’s worth it?


No matter whether you use your phone on the go or a computer at home, you’ll get your cloud-based information.


Even if some workers are in Japan, some on Bali, and some on Mars, they’ll cooperate fast.

Data Security

Cloud solutions companies can boast excellent data security. Be sure your secrets are well-guarded.

CGS-team provides:

to App Store // PlayMarket

We know how to follow Apple Store and Play Store guidelines to make your apps seen.

Hosting web
and desktopapps

We believe good caring is about reduced costs, easy access, security, and backup recovery. We use AWS, Azure, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, and GoDaddy to provide all listed.

Сonfiguring deployment

Furthermore, deployment has never been

so qualitative as with CI&CD. CGS-team chose

Heroku tech to deploy upscale.

How do we work?

Fast and always online

Flexible and easy-going

Responsible for their work

Let’s transform
your dreams into

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