Integrating even basic Ai features into your business guarantees lowered risks and expenses, alongside heightened effectiveness and conversion rates.
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About CGS-team

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CGS-team is a software development company combining classic development and innovative techs. Our business analysts, product managers, developers and artificial intelligence engineers are the guarantee of your product success.

Within 6 years of work, we've already qualitatively executed 80+ projects. Our 100+ specialists know how to care about every aspect of the startup's success.

How can you benefit from AI?

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How do we provide it?



We enhance your idea, clarify demands, and create no-charge
estimations, wireframes, and specifications. After the research,
our team chooses the solution among:
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Building with AI API from scratch
Our development team chooses the AI API that covers
your needs and develops the app from scratch. We can
use all the functionality strengths or take the particular
features for your idea. Use the next-gen power of Google
AI, AWS, ChatGPT API, etc.
AI integration into the existing apps
Implementation of the next-gen plugins into your app can
revolutionize your app. Apply the power of quality-tested,
purpose-built AI solutions to reach your business goals.



You’ll see the task dashboard and videos presenting the
finished project within the process. We focus highly on
code quality and give project manager and code reviews
as a bonus. We set up regular meetings as
communication is key.


Launch and maintenance

After thousands of tests and checks, we finally launch your idea. CGS-team is not only a development tasks coverer but your reliable partner. We give quality deployment and 6 months of support as a gift.